Ted and Shay: Bling...

I know about as much about jewelry as I know about everything else (not a hell of a lot).

My search for an engagement ring was a 2 month process. I only knew what Shay wanted because on one of the many post-bottle-of-wine, sitting-on-the-deck-with-Jimena-nights she divulged that if she ever got an engagement ring, she would like an old Art Deco one. Obviously it was time to punch the google machine until it told me what I wanted to know. The only things that came back were always these gaudy gold things that looked like they dropped out of Donald Trump’s ass and cost even more.

I wasn’t done yet though.

I stole a ring from Shay’s very large jewelry drawer while she was at work and walked over to the antique mall down the street. I asked them if they could size it for me. For some weird reason an antique store with enough rings to even make an Italian stereotype shake their head didn’t have a ring sizer. I did however get a recommendation from one of the employees. This was the second recommendation for this particular store I had received. I decided it was time to check it out.

First, I headed to a big “fancy” jewelry store to get the ring sized. A bunch of greasy salesmen in suits surrounded me and asked if I wanted coffee, bagels, plasma, anything. It was like swimming with sharks that wear way too much cologne. I laughed and bluntly told them I just wanted to size the ring and there was no way in hell I was going to buy a 60 dollar ring for three grand from them.

A week later or so, I decided to make the trek out to Hopkins during rush hour (because I’m an idiot). After an hour drive I reached the store everyone told me about.

Anne and Jack’s Vintage Jewelry is like a rich person’s basement. I mean that in a very good way. They had piles and piles of old school jewelry. I knew I hit the jack pot.

A short woman asked what I was looking for. I described what I had overheard Shay drunkenly tell Jimena. She made it easy for me.

She lined the table with all these rings made in the 1920’s and started weeding out the ones I would never be able to afford.

Since she wasn’t a sales lady, she wasn’t trying to sell me anything. During our conversation she swore like a sailor and told me about her nephew in some jam band.

It took a really short time to find the perfect ring that I knew Shay would love.

She did love it and anybody that ever needs a ring should make the trip to Anne and Jacks Vintage in Hopkins….


PS-I do love it, even though this picture we tried to take doesn't do it justice. I love it even more because he didn't go broke following the 1,2, or 3 months salary "rule".  It's a 1920's white gold, diamond ring with the most amazing details, and it's not huge or blinding, just perfect and wonderful (like my ted). I give you permission to go barf now- shay