Ted and Shay: The Dress, Part 1: Fabric

One night I started sketching up what my dream dress would entail. After drooling over countless PFT Couture, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood dresses I had a vision. A bottle of sauvignon blanc later and I had it on paper! A lovely tulip-shaped sheath with a feathered bottom skirt that is convertible (long-dress for the ceremony, party dress for the reception). Boom!

I'm not a very experienced seamstress. I was too busy taking all the math, science and writing classes my high school had to offer to consider home ec. In fact, an ex-boyfriend had to teach me how to thread my first sewing machine when I was in college. But I did make a winter coat using a Built By Wendy pattern a few years ago, so I figured as long as I could find a pattern, the rest was just following instructions.

I scoured the fabric stores and found a Badgely Mischka pattern similar to what I sketched (on sale for $2 from $30!)

A few dress colors popped into my head but I was hesitant to make a decision. I'm still not sure what color my hair will be in October, and as I learned from my recent adventures as a blonde, hair color can mess with your skin undertones and completely knock certain colors out of your wardrobe.

My lovely Mom and I hit up fabric stores one weekend while she and my dear old dad were visiting (he slept in the truck while we shopped). S.R. Harris, our first and final stop, is a remarkable place for fabric lovers! I felt like a kid in a candy shop the second we walked in, but I was on a mission. We found our way to the satin section and the work out began. Bolt after bolt of blush, tiffany blue, lavender, dove grey, mint green were pulled from the shelves and lined up. It came down to the pinks. Only problem with S.R. Harris is the lighting is pretty terrible, it is a warehouse after all!  I went back and forth between several different blush pinks, some were too peach, some too pale, etc. In the end I decided on a lovely shade and five yards cost a whopping $17!

They also had feather trim for $5 a yard, compared to $20 a yard online! But they only had about five yards in stock so the feather search continues. I suppose it wouldn't be a terrible thing if a few hundred dollars is spent on feathers, considering what brides tend to pay for dresses and my grand total thus far is under $20.

This past weekend I scooped up a soft gray lining fabric on clearance for $1.40 per yard. Now the scary part begins, CONSTRUCTION!