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Peter and I settled on University Baptist Church for the ceremony, a very liberal and welcoming church in dinkytown (or "tinytown" as my Grandma calls it). Check out this thorough Statement on Marriage.

The reception will be around the corner at the Varsity Theater. It's where Peter and I met (it's a cutesy story involving a jug band and a fez). The Varsity is an incredible venue. As discussed earlier, Peter and I had originally thought to get married outside in Nature, but Nature is a logistic nightmare. I don't want to be in charge of coordinating the arrival and set up of everything including tables, chairs, linens, glasses, salt and pepper shakers, citronella candles, dance floor, extra loos, mics and speakers, cake, flowers and an alternative plan for inclement weather. The Varsity does it all with style, and puts your name on the marquee to boot.

If you're looking for nature, however, I found some fantastic places - Windbeam Farm outside of Red Wing and a place called "The Enchanted Barn". Don't let the name bother you, it's stunning. Windbeam Farm and The Enchanted Barn.


Brooke, a client of Lace/Hanky, shares her thoughts about what it is like to be engaged– the good and the bad.
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