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We are seven weeks from the wedding and everything is starting to happen very fast. Invites have gone out (almost). This weekend was the bridal shower with Peter's side of the family. I feel very lucky; they were so generous with me. I've been spending a lot of time debating whether I should change my name to theirs. He's got a beautiful name that means "pilgrim" in Armenian. Mine means something close to "holy valley" in Norwegian. I can see the case both ways; changing my name is a way to honor him and his family, as well as having a common link with any children we may have. It is a kind of quaint, nice tradition. On the other hand, there is something so powerfully lateral about keeping my name. It is a symbolic way to keep my individuality.

Thankfully, no one, including Peter, is pressuring me to change it. Interestingly, I get the most pressure from those who want me to keep my name.


Brooke, a client of Lace/Hanky, shares her thoughts about what it is like to be engaged– the good and the bad.
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