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I was hanging out with my book club this weekend at Norm's Fish Camp outside of Ely. It was a wonderful break from work/wedding planning/packing and a chance to sit still and think about the marriage that is zooming toward us. One of the women brought tarot cards so I had a reading. I had several cards that mentioned acknowledging and controlling my ego during my upcoming life change. Whether or not you believe in tarot, that advice is incredibly apt for me. I am a pretty stubborn girl who likes to be right. It's been interesting; Peter and I purchased a house a few weeks ago, and trying to navigate those decisions has been really challenging. I think I took it for granted that I would be in charge of decorating - wrong. I have to continually remind myself to make decisions with Peter, not without him. It is an unconscious habit that I need to practice breaking. Practicing now on things like paint color will, I hope, make joint-decisions on important things like jobs and finances easier. I love tarot.

Brooke, a client of Lace/Hanky, shares her thoughts about what it is like to be engaged– the good and the bad.
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