Ted & Shay: This isn't the first time...

Not many of you know this, but Ted’s proposal to me on my birthday this year, was not the first time he popped the question.

A couple of years ago we attempted to devour a stuffed pizza at Grampa Tony’s and in my carb-drunkenness (yes, it can happen) I brought up the practicality of co-habitating. At the time, I lived in NE and Ted was over in Midway. We nearly spent more time driving to each other’s places than we spent together.  I had other reasons for the big step, packed in my mental arsenal, but the awkward silence coming from the other side of the table shut me up pretty fast.

More hurt than angry, I pulled out my greatest defense mechanism, the deadly Silent Treatment as we drove from the restaurant to Target.  Ted tried to bring down the wall by throwing random items into my cart and then loudly proclaiming to passers-by, “Hey look, my girlfriend is buying Larry the Cable Guy!”

I’m used to this “game” because he does it almost every time we’re shopping, no matter what store we’re at.  It failed to crack me and the shopping excursion continued.

While browsing the jewelry area for cheap thrills, I turned around and almost ran over Ted. He was getting down on one knee, in front of a pretty good sized group of people and in his hand was the most horrifyingly ugly piece of plastic I have ever laid eyes on.

Not the exact eyesore, but close enough.

All he did was say, “Shaylyn???” and everyone erupted in laughter after being blinded by the bauble in his hand.

I stormed off, but had the worst time hiding the giant smirk cracking my pouting face.

A couple of years later, he got it right, with a much classier and heartfelt attempt-