Ted and Shay: The Plan, pt 1

Time for sharing.

After getting engaged I was pretty confused about what we were supposed to do next. I’m a list person, pretty organized, and I love planning events, so a wedding sounded like an awesome project! However, I’m not one of those gals that started hatching my dream wedding plans in grade school.  I honestly never really thought of what I wanted it to be, which is kind of rad because I think our shin-dig will be a good mix of both Ted and me, which is what a wedding is supposed to be, right?

So to quell the confusion brewing in my head, I did the only thing a naive bride-to-be who cannot afford a wedding planner, would do: I bought a bridal magazine.

That glossy covered mag the size of a small town phone book opened with image after image of frosty white dreamy madness.  I went straight to the articles on budgets and planning, and in about 20 minutes flat I was having a severe panic attack!  Apparently the average wedding in MN costs around $38,000 and that’s small potatoes compared to other states! I barely make that amount of money in a year with my gross income.  There is no way in the fiery depths of hell we’re going to spend one of our salaries on a one day affair!

Ted came to the rescue, made me drop the magazine in the recycling, and then made me promise to never buy another one.   We had less than a year to plan and save, and we were going to make it happen, but in our own way.

Blogs and websites became my obsession.  The greatest D.I.Y. ideas are out there, and some of the worst as well.  The one major frustrating thing I’ve encountered is because of the mass amounts of free ideas floating around, people latch onto trends and before you know it, every single wedding photo you see has succulents as the flowers, typewriters as the guest books, mustaches on sticks for the photo opps, barnyard settings, and candy tables that put Willy Wonka's factory to shame.  I’m sure every bride wants to believe deep down inside that her wedding is as unique as she and her groom are, but the fact of the matter is, these D.I.Y. fiasco weddings all look the same.

I’m digging a hole for myself as I write this because I’m sure that our wedding will be as flawed as the rest, but we’re going to try to make this day the greatest party you’ve ever been to.  That’s our mission statement in a nutshell. I just hope all of my ideas aren't all over the blogosphere before our wedding. Me First!!

More to come…