Ted and Shay: Wrapping up the STDs!


Just popped these bad boys in the mail this weekend and what a difference a mail clerk can make. We found these cheeky stamps online:

But when we brought the envelopes to the post office, we were informed that we needed an additional 20 cents due to non-machinable surcharges. I know envelopes just get thrown away, but I was kind of stoked about the Bob Hope stamps, and there are no 20 cent stamp options. We would have had to put two 10 cent boring stamps on the envelopes as well. So the next day I hauled the lot in to get a buttload of 10 cent stamps when the clerk looked at me like I was being high maintenance and told me they would be fine with just the 44 cent awesome stamps.  Whew! 

The envelopes are just A2 little guys that I found at Goodwill in a big box for 99 cents (beats paying $5 for 20!)

The only bummer about tiny envelopes is most versions of Microsoft Word don't have an option for printing them.  There is a way around it though.  Treat the envelopes like a piece of paper and enter the dimensions in the custom size option.  Works for the front and if you plan to print on the lip of the back.

Last project we crafted up came from our distaste for envelope glue.  After hunting around for envelope seals or even goofy stickers we came up with squat, so we made our own!

Picked up a pack of 8 1/2 x 11" labels (the full page type)

A large circle punch (of course I used a coupon so it was only $6)

We took one of our engagement photos LaceHanky took

Resized it and duplicated it

Printed on the label sheets and punched away. Boom, custom envelope seals!

Save the dates done in under $100!!!

We're only sending these to the small group invited to our teeny ceremony.  I threw this electronic version together for the hoards that will be invited to the massive reception.  Only problem is if we send out a massive email with the image attached, I'm thinking it will get marked as spam in everyone's inbox.  I don't think evite.com would be the best way to send out just a save the date.  Gonna have to hunt for another online option for these....