Ted and Shay: Drool-worthy dress!

I'm planning to make my dress for the wedding but having a heck of a time finding the fabric that I want. I was imagining a beautiful black and white striped satin, but I've only been able to find icky costume fabric or outdoor canvas.  Then I saw this totally to-die-for gown in the April issue of Metro magazine:

Pafoua Thao of PFT Couture, is the incredibly talented (and LOCAL!) designer behind it.

Just for the hell of it, I emailed her to find out if she would mind disclosing her source for the fabric. She's so awesome she emailed me back right away, however when I went to hunt the satin down, they were out of stock and weren't planning to get anymore in.  SAAAD FACE SHAY!!!!

If I had a bigger budget and didn't already have a perfect conceptualization of the dress I want in mind, I would 100% go to Pafoua for a dress.

Her collections are so beautiful and unique, her design perspective is impeccable.

Check our her interview with l'etoile. We're so lucky to have such an incredible group of design-minds here in the Twin Cities!

It's probably best that I can't find a quality striped fabric though.  My hair color has gone from black to brown to blond in the past few months and I have no idea where I'll be on the color spectrum come October.  Black and white stripes just don't really work with my skin tone and blond hair.  I'm thinking the hair will have to change by that point...


Images via Metro Mag, Model Mayhem, Jessica Kempen Photography