Ted and Shay: This project just might kill me

I’ve decided to make my own wedding dress. After looking through tons of vintage and new dress websites, I realized nothing really captured what I want my dress to look like and if I’m going to spend more than $500 on any article of clothing, it better be designer, and I’m going to want to wear it more than once.  

A few weekends ago, my partner-in-crime, Jimena and I decided to wiggle our toes (you have no idea how literal this became at one store) around a few wedding dress stores just to make sure I couldn't find anything that would save me the time and trouble of crafting something from scratch. I also wanted to try on a few things so I could get a good look at the guts of the style of dress I had in mind.

We only made it to two places before giving up and getting cocktails.  First stop, Andrea’s Vintage Bridal, which is quite the gem of a shop. Unfortunately I was more enthralled with the Art Deco mirrors on the walls than any of the dresses.

Images via Andrea's Vintage Bridal

There were some amazing vintage party dresses that I would love to prance around in, and the jewelry they have is incredible! I just can’t see myself wearing white or any other virgin-like color for several reasons: 1, Mr. T and I have been shacking up for the past few years so big shocker that white isn’t very fitting, 2- I’m blond right now, not sure if it’ll stick until October, but white, beige, champagne, and all BLAH colors make me look completely washed out. Finally 3- I shouldn’t be allowed to wear light colors, especially if there are dark, alcoholic liquids around, nuff said…

Next stop was Brides of France, which I seem to remember as a place that always had amazing shop windows with crazy loud dresses and oodles of rhinestones.  Maybe it’s been forever since I’ve been to the Calhoun Square area but the shop window looked like any other bridal shop: white, boring dresses. We stepped inside and were immediately halted by a florescent sign taped to the floor demanding we remove our shoes.  It was gross and soggy outside so I understood the need for this but the crusty, raggedy slippers that were sitting there, terrified my sockless feet.

A perky shop girl approached us and posed the question I have learned to loathe: “Who’s the bride?”  Repeat it in your head with an over-the-top enthusiasm and squeakiness that sounds like nails on a chalkboard.  I know they have to do this and I realize that many girls love this kind of attention. Those are the girls that want to be treated like a princess and have attention showered on them from the minute the engagement ring slips onto their finger.  I totally get it, but I’m still going to gag when they try to treat me in that fake sort of way.

We managed to shake the shop girl, which wasn’t difficult after she gave us the once over.  Apparently brides-to-be don’t show up to wedding stores in ratty jeans…

The dresses all looked the same to me with few distinct details to tell one from the other. Jimena noticed that the two girls trying on dresses were wearing almost identical gowns, but no one else seemed to noticed. I did find an amazing vintage hat made entirely of tiny feathers!  Other than that, it was time to duck out.

We gave up after that and went to a bar. Bridal shops are great for some girls and there are tons of different kinds of shops. I guess it's just not my thing, which is just fine because my wondrous dress is in the works after a long Memorial Day weekend! More adventures to come!