Ted and Shay: Headless, Legless Clone of Shay

On our only day off together in FOREVER, I roped Ted into wrapping up a duck tape clone of me.

Lots of great DIY tutorials are available online, so after a bit of research we began the mummy-process.  We started at the bottom, wrapped it tight below my butt, around my waist, and around the shoulders. All of my girly areas we kept it loose as to not squish them.  The boobs took a special cross-your-heart, up and around the shoulder maneuver. No major clumps of hair were caught in the tape, and Ted managed to cut the entire contraption off without slicing me or my bra/ooo la la's! 

What looked like a molted shell of me has now been sitting in my closet for a solid two months. I've gone to the hardware store multiple times trying to come up with some sort of frame to drape the form around before filling it with foam. No luck and worse, no motivation. First DIY of the wedding failed.

A few weeks ago I saw an ad from a fabric store that announced 50% off dressforms. I've read countless reviews about how shitty they are, and how they fall apart, snag, collapse, etc, but it's getting down to crunch time and my custom dress form will be a great halloween prop someday, but it will never become what it was conceived to be, so I gave in.

I bought a Dritz My Double model, and couldn't be more smitten! I took my measurments, adjusted the dials and doo-hickies, and voila, my shape on a stick!

Even if it cracks as soon as the dress is done, it's been worth the $117 it cost on sale.  On with the dress!