Ted and Shay: We're more practical than cheap, or practically cheap

I love all things ephemeral: clippings from magazines and newspapers, postcards, note cards, labels, photos, etc. Our living room is cluttered with shelves and stacks of old novels, atlases, how-to books, you name it. I guess I'm a sucker for visual inspiration in the physical form, which is why it totally bums me out to not send actual invitations to everyone.

Due to our financial situation, I long ago gave up on doing what other people expect from a wedding, so we're going digital! Email invitations felt tacky to me at first, but after looking at a couple of different sites that offered such services, I met my new friend, Pingg!

It's probably similar to all of those other sites, but Pingg's site design is so clean and crisp, it made me feel less cheap about the whole idea.

You can design your own invite, or use one of their templates. We ended up using the same graphic of our mugs that I stamped onto the coaster save the dates.

Pingg lets you email, text or snail mail the invites, which I thought was pretty cool.  And they track all of your RSVP info and send follow-up emails to folks who don't respond.  Oh yeah, and it's FREE!

My favorite thing about their invites, is when you receive the email and click on the link, it takes you to a site with an envelope on the screen. When you click on the envelope, the invitation slides up! Fun!

In an effort not to confuse people, we're only sending these out to the masses that are invited to the reception, not the small group invited to the ceremony and reception, to whom we already mailed invites.  I'm totally over thinking this, and I'm super worried that people who received our snail-mail invites are going to be confused about not getting the Pingg invite...Should I just send the Pingg invite to everyone, or leave it as is? Am I starting to lose my mind? Maybe a little....