Ted and Shay: Three Years of Awesome Eating!

If you know Ted and I, you know we love all things cooking and eating!

From shopping for food and growing food

To entertaining with binge/purge-worthy feasts

To by-any-means-necessary tactics of getting food

Special occasions are always a treat no matter which one of us takes on the cooking tasks.

For our three year anniversary, and the last of our dating anniversaries (which is a good thing cause we made the date up since neither of us could remember the actual date of our first date...July 1 sounded good enough), I came home from work to the most amazing smells of potent garlic, pungent cheeses, and creamy butter sauces.  Voila!

Home-made hummus, my favorite triple creme cheese, seared scallops, blue cheese-bacon risotto, and plenty of Founder's Cerise, Sauvignon Blanc and Prosecco to wash it all down.

Oh yeah, and he gave Penny a bath so she didn't smell too bad either!

Back off girlies, I've got this one locked down. 


The luckiest gal in the world (shay)